Friday, August 14, 2009

The Time Has Come...

Hello World.

There are some out there who would bring down all we care about, all we hold true and good. Never mind the fact that these individuals, rescued and redeemed by our party, have only self gain in mind. Turn a blind eye to their greed and selfishness and think not on the harm they would cause you and your loved ones in pursuit of their goals. No, think of the Proscript Party.

Think of the glorious freedom you enjoy. Think of the wonderful party that has fostered and cared for you. Think of your children, your parents and your spouses. Think of those smiling, happy faces crushed under the boot of tyranny and ask yourself if you can stand idly by and let would-be rebels turn all you hold dear into madness and chaos.

Is the Party not worth fighting for? Is your society, your family, your very right to live and breath by the decrees and values you hold to be self-evident not worth your blood and sweat and tears? Those of you out there that watch from the side-lines, who fear injury to self, I ask you this: Would you rather it be your loved one's blood running in the streets due to your inaction?

It is time dear brothers and sisters for the loyal members of the Proscript Party to rise up and stand firm, arm in arm, against the Grotian Underground. I hold the standard, I raise my voice and let forth the rallying cry! Stand brothers! Stand sisters! Let the world know we will not silently assent to the end of all that we hold dear! Are we not the same people who bested dragons, yet we fear the wrath of man!?

Rise up! RISE UP! Peoples of the Proscript Party, rise up and make your voices heard! Take back your party and crush the usurper!

I urge you, I beg you, brothers and sisters: Stand with the party as the party stands with you.

-The Patriot

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  1. all I have to say to this patriotic wishywashy: the Purity Towers are more crooked than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They.must.fall! agent PC