Saturday, August 15, 2009

Standing in the Light

Greetings brothers and sisters.

It has come to my attention that many are attributing assaults and other attacks to my name. So be it. If one stands for what is right that person must expect slander and defamation. I gladly take the public scorn though I myself am innocent of such deeds. If in my opposition of the Grotian rebels I resort to their same tactics am I any better?

No, unlike the usurpers who prefer to hide in the shadows and use scare tactics and deceit, I stand in the light of day raising my voice to all who would hear. If any have complaints against our system do they not have legal recourse? Are there not appropriate channels for seeking the supposed change they desire? If this rebellion really were about freedom and reform those seeking it would have no interest in chaos and destruction.

Those of you who are quick to cast stones, who stand in the shadows with the rebels jeering and slandering an innocent patriot, I ask you this, what will you do when these rebels turn on you? You know their tactics, you partake in them, do you really think you will be spared the same attacks you yourself delight in? A traitor's word is only good for one thing: Nothing.

Those who stab in the back should watch their own. The benefit of standing in the light is you see what is coming.

Stand with the party as the party stands with you.

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