Monday, August 17, 2009

Of Relics and Rebels

Brothers and Sisters,

Are you out there? When I first started I was so sure of who I was, of what the cause was and what was right. I stood, I called out and I waited. Time passed and the only sound I heard was the beating of my standard about me.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not need the approval of the masses to fight the fight that is before me. What I do need is the sure footing upon which to make my stand. I cannot help but look around me and feel something is amiss. Has my party left me? Am I an artifact of a time gone by? I look at my standard and wonder if the reason I am met with silence is because it is a standard no one else feels worth fighting for.

Every day the Grotian Underground chips away at the foundation upon which our party stands. Lies are told, coded messages are whispered and angry mobs are instigated and inflamed. Likewise party members are convinced through manufactured sob stories that Grotians are robbed of their lunches and denied simple human civility. All around insurrection is plotted and good people are dragged into the nets of the evil, deceived and used, then discarded like the shiny trinkets the rebels supposedly love to find in the sewers.

To what end?

People talk of supposed equality and wiping out the current social models but never stop to think of what will take its place. Suppose the Grotian Underground does overthrow the party, what then? Will the same rebel leaders now be our rulers? Will they allow for democratic elections where candidates from both races can run and be elected by their peers? Like lemmings the people are stirred up and run off a cliff by their emotions, all the while never questioning the people with the prods who aren't following them over the ledge to newfound, "freedom".

So be it. Run lemmings.

Perhaps it is time for this artifact to join the others in the museum. I will look for my own place in the tower's hallowed halls next to the Flaming Sword, another relic from a time long passed. When all comes crashing down my brothers and sisters you will know where to find me. I will be the only thing still standing.


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